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More interest in your savings; more secure savings through life insurance products.

Many people use their bank to build their savings, and then hope to grow their capital in these deposit accounts. They don’t realise that, once you take inflation and rising living costs into account, their savings are standing still at best.

If you have worked hard for your money, why not make that money work hard for you?
Since wide range of funds could be held in one international financial account, the prospects for capital growth are maximised with the convinience of holding all your assets in one portfolio, within the context of a life insurance product.

• A world wide fund choice in one wrapper
Clients can access to the world’s major currencies, to a range of world-wide funds, life insurance products and expert specialist fund managers with proven expertise.

• Easy Access to capital
The option is available within certain life insurance products to take regular withdrawals to provide an income stream.

• Unlimited Switching Facility
By actively managing a portfolio of funds within the context of a life insurance product, you can switch between funds without any extra charge. 
• Regular Reviews
Regular valuations and progress meetings with your consultant means you will be updated of your portfolio constantly.